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New Members


Please join me in welcoming Mr. Adam Wong and Mr. K. L. Miu  who joined the Club today.  Adam is a seasoned player with good skills and has participated in many open competitions in various districts of Hong Kong.

K. L. was one of the chairmen of Evergreen Table Tennis Club in Happy Valley, and is therefore an old friend of Frank Lin, C.T. Kwok and Raymond Lo. We hope that both of them will enjoy playing with us.



informationMembership Fee Amendment

To further encourage members to pay the membership fee on a yearly basis, The Management Committee has approved to make the following changes with effect from January 2017:

  1. The normal membership fee is changed to $600 per year.
  2. Existing members who elect to pay on a quarterly basis, the membership fee is changed to $180 per quarter.
  3. New members:
    1. joining in the middle of a calendar year shall pay the membership fee up to the end of the year at $60 per month
    2. The annual membership fee for the first year following is $720 per year.
  4. Guest/casual members applying to join the games are subject to the approval of the Chairman after consultation with Management Committee members and henceforth shall pay at $15 per day or $60 per month.
  5. All abovementioned fees shall be paid in advance.


  1. For fairness’ sake, any member who did not pay a full year’s membership fee in the preceding year is classified as new member.
  2. Quarterly payment option is only available to members who have made a full year’s payment in the preceding year.
  3. Casual/guest member who has paid $60 during any calendar month is not required to make further payments during the said month.



  1. 正常會費改為$600一年。
  2. 舊會員如選擇每季度繳交會費,季度會費改為$180。
  3. 新會員:
    1. 於年中加入應以每月$60會費全數繳付至當年年底。
    2. 此後之首年年費為$720。
  4. 訪客及非常規會員申請打球必須經會長與管委會成員協商同意接受後,並須以每天$15或每月$60繳費。
  5. 以上所有費用必須預付。


  1. 為公平起見,任何會員如未於上一年度付足全年會費者將視作新會員。
  2. 唯有於上一年度已曾付足全年會費之會員方能享用季度付款的選項。
  3. 訪客及非常規會員如於任何月份內已經付出$60則於該月份內打球不需再行付費。


Signed for and on behalf of the Management Committee

Joe Lam

November 23, 2016

New Members


Please join me in welcoming Ms. Virginia Chiu and Mr. Chris Mong who joined the Club today.  Virginia is the wife of David Leung, and who, according to David, has been coached by David in the past year or so, however, judging from the progress they make, she looks more like a coach to David than otherwise (just kidding!).

Chris is an old friend of Joe Lam and K.C. Chong and is a seasoned table tennis player. We hope that both of them will enjoy playing with us.


New Member

informationPlease join me in welcoming Ms. Chrysan Tong as a new member of the Club as of today. Chrysan is a friend of Margaret and I hope she would enjoy playing table tennis with you guys as much as I do.


New Member

informationWe are pleased to inform you that a new member has just joined the club effective from October 1, 2014.  Her name is Nane (pronounced as “nani”) Tsoi, a dedicated table tennis player with good skills.  She was recommended by Margaret, and was approved by the Chairman.  Please join me in welcoming her, and hope that she will enjoy playing table tennis with the merry gang.  The members list is therefore duly updated, please feel free to check it out.Welcome

New Members and additional table


We are pleased to inform you that Mr. and Mrs. Chan Kwok Wing have decided to join us as full members with effect from May 1, 2014.  The Chan’s have been playing with us for many years although they were not formal members of QBTTC.  In view of their participation, the Chairman has mandated to reserve an additional table on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from the week of May 5, 2014;  at least one table will be reserved for members who prefer to play single match.

New Members


I am pleased to inform you that we now have three new members:

Mr.  Alan Fong

Mr. David Leung

Mr. Raymond Lo  (October 2013)

All of them are seasoned players, and I am sure we all will be benefitted from their experience and outstanding skills.

Please join me in welcoming them and wish you all good luck, good health and all the best!


New member

I am pleased to advise that a new member: Mr. Frank Law has joined us from earlier this month.  Frank is a seasoned table tennis player but has not been playing for a while.  I am sure that he will pick up the skills in no time.  He came to Hong Kong from Australia and will stay here for a period of time.

Please join me in giving him a warm welcome, and hope that he will enjoy playing with a bunch of cheerful senior citizens of QBTTC.