Meeting Minutes (171222)

informationA Management Committee Meeting was held on Dec 22, 2017 11:00h at East Ocean Restaurant. The following committee members were present: Joe Lam (The President), Frank Lin, KC Chong, YS Tung, Irwin Ng, David Chien, Xu Jun

  1. The committee accepts with regret Joe’s resignation from the position of the Chairman of the Club for health reasons with effect from Jan 1, 2018. As a result, the following arrangements are agreed unanimously:
  • Irwin to take over the responsibility of financial management
  • Frank to succeed Joe as the President of the Club
  1. In the meantime, the Committee also accepts KC Chong’s resignation as the Committee member from Jan 1, 2018. It is agreed to appoint 2 committee members shortly to fill the vacancies. It is further resolved that both Joe and KC be elected “honorary committee member” as from Jan 1, 2018.
  1. It is agreed in principle to waive charges for occasional players, such as old members relocated to overseas as well as friends of the Club. No waiver will be offered to personal acquaintances of any member.
  1. Due to little players in the morning session, it is agreed to change the Thursday morning session to afternoon on a trial basis with effect from Jan 4, 2018,
  1. It is agreed to organize lucky draw for all participants instead of proposed offering subsidy to members participating the year-end dinner party. Budget and details will be proposed by David in due course.
  1. In regard to sightseeing activities, it is proposed more affordable one-day local tours or short trips to adjacent areas will be organized on a quarterly basis.
  1. The appointment of Xu Jun to Committee member is confirmed retro-actively.
  1. Record of appreciation is extended to both Joe and KC for their valuable contribution made to the Club over the past years.

Minutes was taken by Frank Lin. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:30h


會議記錄 (171222)


1. 委員會惋惜接受林嘉謀為健康原因於2018年1月1日起辭任會長,因此各委員一致同意將有關會務作以下改動:

  • 吳錫邦接掌有關財務管理工作
  • 林敏生接任會長一職

2. 委員會同時接受莊國超從2018年1月1日起辭任委員,並同意短期內增添兩位委員以填補空缺。委員會並且同意授予林嘉謀與莊國超『榮譽委員』之稱號。

3. 委員會原則上同意給予以下球友偶爾來打球時的免費優待:包括遷居海外之舊會員以及與會務有關之友好。任何會員之私交則不在此例。

4. 由於上午打球的會員不多,同意從2018年1月4日起試辦將星期四上午的活動時間改為下午。

5. 同意舉辦抽獎遊戲以取代贊助參加年夜飯的會員餐費的建議。預算及形式由錢君提出建議。

6. 有關遊覽節目的安排,建議每季度組織一次低消費的本地一日遊或者到附近地區的短途旅遊。

7. 委員會補認委任徐軍為委員。

8. 委員會對林嘉謀君及莊國超君多年來為本會作出盡心盡力的貢獻表示謝意,特此予以記錄在案。



Approved by the Management Committee


Joe Lam

The President

December 23, 2017

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