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2016 China Open Highlights 中國公開賽精華錄





Ma Long vs Kenta Matsudaira (R16)

Zhang Jike vs Ho Kwan Kit (R16)

Fang Bo vs Zhou Yu (R16)

Fan Zhendong vs Zhou Yu (R8)

Ma Long vs Vladimir Samsonov (1/4)

Xu Xin vs Wong Chun Ting (1/4) 黃鎮庭KO許昕!

Fan Zhendong vs Wong Chun Ting (1/2)

Ma Long vs Zhang Jike (1/2)

男单决赛: 马龙VS樊振东


女单1/4决赛: 梁夏银VS朱雨玲


女单决赛: 刘诗雯VS丁宁

Ma Long/Zhang Jike vs Kim Minseok/Kim Donghyun (1/4)

Ma Long/Zhang Jike vs Koki Niwa/Yuya Oshima (1/2)

Xu Xin/Fan Zhendong vs Wong Chun Ting/Ho Kwan Kit (1/2)

男双决赛 :张继科马龙VS樊振东许昕

女单(U21) 决赛 杜凯琹vs曾尖


New Members


Please join me in welcoming Ms. Virginia Chiu and Mr. Chris Mong who joined the Club today.  Virginia is the wife of David Leung, and who, according to David, has been coached by David in the past year or so, however, judging from the progress they make, she looks more like a coach to David than otherwise (just kidding!).

Chris is an old friend of Joe Lam and K.C. Chong and is a seasoned table tennis player. We hope that both of them will enjoy playing with us.