Subscription Amendment 更改收會費辦法

informationIn the past, when members were unable to play table tennis for a period of time, they did not pay the monthly subscription. While we might feel it was only fair to pay the subscription when we were actually playing, however, please take a moment to imaging if half of our members were absent for a few months, the collectible subscription would be insufficient to pay for the rental of the ping pong tables and the balls. The Club would immediately face a financial crisis.

As agreed by the Management Committee and approved by the Chairman, it is resolved that the subscription will be collected on an annual basis in advance in accordance with the following measures. In any circumstances, no refund will be made to the members who are unable to join the games during the year for whatever reasons.

The normal annual subscription is HK$600.

  • Payable in advance by 4 equal payments on a quarterly basis.
  • Members who elect to make a single payment on or before January 1 each year, the annual subscription will be reduced to HK$550.
  • As approved by the Chairman, new members joining any time during the year will be required to pay up to the end of the current year at HK$60 per month. Normal annual subscription will apply in the following calendar year.

For members who are specially approved to pay subscription on a monthly basis, the subscription will be HK$60 per month payable in advance.

The daily charge for a guest player is increased to HK$15 from $10. As usual, guest player is subject to the approval of the Chairman or, in his absence, his deputy after consultation with at least 3 existing members.

The foregoing will be implemented with effect from January, 2016.




  • 可於每季預繳。
  • 如選擇於每年一月一日或之前全數清繳,則只需付HK$550。
  • 經會長批准於年中加入之暫准會員必須以每月HK$60計算,全數繳交由加入之月份起至年底之費用。下一日曆年度按正常年費計算。




Dated: November 12, 2015

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