Monthly Archives: March 2015

QB Sportscentre renovation


The Chairman was informed that the renovation of the table tennis room will take place from Wednesday, April 8 to Thursday, April 23, therefore we will be compelled to make reservation at the Squash Courts on the 7th Floor.

We will try to stick to Quarry Bay Sportscentre as far as possible which means we will only have a maximum of 2 tables each day.  If the mandated session is unavailable on a certain day, we will reserve other available session.  Other nearby venues may be considered only if all the tables are reserved by other players before us.   Therefore, please check out the Schedule from time to time to ensure the correct sessions and venues.

For your information, we can only book tables at the Squash Courts between 2-4pm instead of normal morning session on Thursday, April 9. (see Schedule)

Your attention and understanding will be much appreciated.


Schedule change alert

We regret to inform you that being affected by holiday and table tennis hall maintenance program, there will be changes in schedule on Friday, April 3 and Wednesday, April 8, 2015.
Friday, April 3
2-3pm   1/2/3/4
3-4pm    1/3
Wednesday, April 8
1-3pm    S1/S2
3-4pm    S2
You are reminded to come earlier on these days to avoid disappointment.  Remember early bird catches more worms!