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Happy New Year 歡樂新年!


一代乒乓球女王 - 鄧亞萍

Peace & Love

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!



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Season’s greetings




男單準決賽:水谷準對費達斯 – –

男單準決賽:唐鵬對奧察洛夫 – –

男單決賽:水谷準對奧察洛夫 – –

女單準決賽:于夢雨對徐孝元 – –

女單準決賽:石川佳純對波達 – –

女單決賽:徐孝元對石川佳純 – –

Merry Christmas! 聖誕快樂!

Schedule and venue change

informationQuarry Bay Sports Centre table tennis room will be closed from Friday, December 19, 2014 for renovation, and we do not have the exact date when the work will be completed.  In order to ensure that the members can continue to enjoy the games, we will make reservations in San Wan Ho and North Point Sports Centres until QBSC table tennis rooms are available for reservation.  Please check out the schedule from time to time for the updates.  In the meantime, please inform your co-players of the correct location and schedule whenever possible.

Thank you for your attention.


Friday, 19/12/2014

informationPlease note that no reservation can be made on Friday, 19/12/2014 as the Quarry Bay Sports Centre table tennis room will be closed for maintenance on that day.  I have also checked the near-by alternative centres, and found only one table was available respectively during our designated hours.  Therefore, I took the initiative not to make any reservation on that day.

I will appreciate that you inform other members of this unfortunate situation.