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Year-end Dinner Party



Please click here for: Confirmed guest list to-date, and the proposed menu here.


Venue Change

informationYou are probably aware that Quarry Bay Sportscentre will be temporarily closed for renovation in the week of December 9, 2013, we are unable to book the table tennis tables neither in the Ping Pong stadium, nor the squash courts.  Therefore we are compelled to book the tables in other areas.  As directed by the Chairman, I will try to book the tables in Sai Wan Ho first, and if unavailable, Island East.  Because Sai Wan Ho is also a very popular venue for table tennis players in this area, it is normally quite difficult for us to get enough tables at the usual time as we desire.  Please check out the schedule well before you come to the venue.

As you know the staff in SWH or Island East will strictly require the players who book the tables to be there in person, therefore Joe, Tung and Frank must respectively ensure that the seservation acknowledgement forms as well as their identity cards are available during check-in.

眾所周知由於整修場地,鰂魚涌體育館的乒乓球室和壁球室將於2013年12月9日起暫停使用一星期,因此本會必須另覓其他場館。按主席指示:場館首選為西灣河體育館,次選港島東體育館。但因西灣河體育館深受當地球迷歡迎,很難如願於正常時段預訂到足夠場地。故敬請各位會員前往打球前翻查時間表以免誤臨場館。又及:西灣河及港島東體育館嚴格要求訂場者必須親臨場館登記方可使用預訂場地,因此Joe, 董, Frank等訂場諸君必須於當日蒞場遞交訂場通知書及展示身份證。