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The Spring Dinner Party

The Spring Dinner Party was successfully held on May 8, 2012 at Empire Kitchen of Empire Hotel, CWB.  22 guests were present, and judging from their comments, they were quite pleased with the cuisines offered.  The highlight was the roasted suckling pig (not Euro pigs, LOL) which was somewhat different from the traditional Chinese style,  it was juicy, tender and delicate.  Besides the salmon sashimi was quite good too.

Compared to the Metropark Hotel buffet, this one lacks Chinese style desserts and my favorite cheese .  The best part is that David, our CEO managed to bargain a good all-inclusive price for us at $145 per person instead of $220 as previously estimated.  On behalf of all members, I would like to thank David for his recommendation and arrangement of this successful dinner event.

To commemorate this event, I have taken some pictures and videos.  Please check them out respectively as follows:


Videos at YouTube: